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Tài liệu

Nhân Vật Lịch Sử Và Giai Thoại

Nhân vật lịch sử và giai thoại - Theo dòng lịch sử, trải qua biết bao biến cố xã hội đó là sự đổi thay của Thăng Long, của Hà Nội, song song với nó là tên tuổi của các danh nhân dể lại ngàn tiếng thơm cho con cháu mai sau. Nhân vật lịch sử và giai thoại - Theo dòng lịch sử, trải qua biết bao biến cố xã hội đó là sự đổi thay của Thăng Long, của Hà Nội, song song với nó là tên tuổi của các danh nhân dể lại ngàn tiếng thơm cho con cháu mai sau.
  • Currently 4.91/10
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Marketing Mới Cho Thời Đại Mới

Đây là bài thuyết trình của Philip Kotler. Philip Kotler là một giáo sư lỗi lạc về Tiếp thị Quốc tế tại trường Quản trị Kellogg thuộc Đại học Northwestern. Ông được xem như là cha đẻ của marketing hiện đại và là một trong 4 “bậc thầy” quản trị của mọi thời đại. Một số sách của ông được dịch và phát hành tại Việt Nam: Principles of Marketing, Marketing Management, Lateral Marketing, Marketing insights from A to Z, Ten Deadly Marketing Sins…
  • Currently 4.53/10
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Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies

About the Authors Tee Morris: Tee entered 2005 with an idea: podcasting a novel in order to promote its sequel. His podcast of MOREVI: The Chronicles of Rafe & Askanawent on to become the first book podcast in its entirety and was nominated for a 2006 Parsec for Best Podcast Fiction. Podcasting MOREVIalso led to writing with Evo Terra the #1 book in podcasting, Podcasting For Dummies. Tee’s other podcasts include the Parsec-nominated Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy, Podcasting For Dummies, Give Us a Minute, Speaking of Beer’s MicroBrewedwith Phil Rossi, and “Behind the Mic” for Blogger and Podcaster Magazine. He continues to podcast fiction as well with “Dear John” (from BenBella Books’s Farscape Forever: Sex, Drugs, and Killer Muppets) for The ScapeCast;and “Asleep at the Wheel” for the podcast anthology VOICES: New Media Fiction, edited by Mur Lafferty. Following 2007’s Billibub Baddings and The Case of The Singing Swordpodcast, Tee will podcast Legacy of MOREVIin preparation for the 2009 print release ofExodus from Morevi. Find out more about Tee Morris and his podcasts at
  • Currently 4.85/10
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Costa Rica for Dummies

About the Author Eliot Greenspanis a poet, journalist, and travel writer who took his backpack and typewriter the length of Mesoamerica before settling in Costa Rica in 1992. Since then, he has worked steadily as a travel writer, freelance journalist, and translator, and continued his travels in the region. This is Eliot’s first For Dummiestitle. He is also the author of Frommer’s Costa Rica, Frommer’s Belize, Frommer’s Cuba, and The Tico Times Restaurant Guide to Costa Rica,as well as the chapter on Venezuela in Frommer’s South America. Dedication I’d like to dedicate this book to Allen Ginsberg, Fielding Dawson, and Jane Faigao — three dear friends and teachers whom I treasure and miss. Author’s Acknowledgments Here’s to all the industry insiders, longtime locals, and everyday tourists, whose thoughts and impressions add immeasurably to my own wanderings, adventures, test runs, and site inspections. I’d also like to thank my editor Jennifer Reilly.
  • Currently 5.30/10
Loại sáchTiếng AnhNgười gửiduyluanpy89Kích thước7.11 Điểm5.30Hits1682Phiếu0Download0Ngày gửi04/09/2014

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies

About the Authors Rob Willson, BSc, MSc, Dip SBHS,has worked for the Priory Hospital North London for a number of years as a CBT therapist. Rob also teaches and supervises trainee therapists at Goldsmith’s College, University of London, and has his own practice in North London. His first book was Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Constable & Robinson, 2005), co-written with Dr David Veale. Rob has done numerous newspaper and radio interviews about CBT. More rarely he’s appeared on television discussing understanding and treating body image problems. His particular interests include the research and treatment of obsessional problems, and applying CBT in group and self-help formats. Rhena Branch, MSc, Dip CBT,is an accredited CBT therapist and works with the Priory Hospital North London as a CBT therapist. She also has her own practice in North London and supervises on the Masters’ course at Goldsmith College, University of London
  • Currently 4.98/10
Loại sáchTiếng AnhNgười gửiduyluanpy89Kích thước5.13 Điểm4.98Hits1696Phiếu0Download0Ngày gửi26/08/2014