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Tìm kiếm sách theo chữ cái

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Firewalls for Dummies

About the Authors Brian Komar,B. Comm (Hons), a native of Canada, makes his living as a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) consultant, speaker, author, and trainer. Brian speaks at conferences around the world on network design and security topics. His consulting practice focuses on PKI design and architecture projects and on research assignments specializing in interoperability between different vendors’ security products. In his spare time, Brian enjoys traveling and biking with his wife Krista and sharing a fine bottle of wine (or more) with his good friends. Ronald Beekelaar, M.Sc., a native of The Netherlands, makes his living as a network security consultant, author, and trainer. Ronald frequently trains network administrators on network design and enterprise security topics. He writes articles for several computer magazines, mostly about operating systems and security issues. Ronald lives in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with his wife Kim. They enjoy traveling abroad. If they find the time, they often travel to European cities, especially London, to see a theater show and visit museums.
  • Currently 4.71/10
Loại sáchTiếng AnhNgười gửiduyluanpy89Kích thước5.64 Điểm4.71Hits1762Phiếu0Download0Ngày gửi05/09/2014

English Grammar Workbook for Dummies

Good grammar pays. No, I’m not making a sentimental statement about the importance of a job well done or the satisfaction of learning for learning’s sake, though I believe in both of those values. I’m talking about cold, hard cash, the kind you fold and put into your wallet. Don’t believe me? Fine. Try this little test: The next time you go to the movies, tear yourself away from the story for a moment and concentrate on the dialogue. Chances are the characters who have fancy jobs or piles of dough sound different from those who don’t. I’m not making a value judgment here; I’m just describing reality. Proper English, either written or spoken, tends to be associated with the upper social or economic classes. Tuning up your grammar muscles doesn’t guarantee your entry into the Bill Gates income tax bracket, but poor grammar may make it much harder to fight your way in. Another payoff of good grammar is better grades and an edge in college admissions. Teachers have always looked more favorably on nicely written sentences, and grammar has recently become an additional hurdle that applicants must jump over or stumble through when they sit for the SAT or the ACT, the two most important standardized tests for the college bound. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lifetime improving your English. Ten minutes here, ten minutes there, and before you know it, your grammar muscles will be toned to fighting strength. This book is the equivalent of a health-club membership for your writing and speaking skills. Like a good health club, it doesn’t waste your time with lectures on the physiology of flat abs. Instead, it sends you right to the mat and sets you up with the exercises that actually do the job.
  • Currently 4.97/10
Loại sáchTiếng AnhNgười gửiduyluanpy89Kích thước6.46 Điểm4.97Hits1847Phiếu0Download0Ngày gửi05/09/2014

Destination Weddings for Dummies

About the Author Susan Breslow Sardoneis the Web’s leading authority on romantic travel. She has been the Guide to Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways for a decade, and calls her site “Best of the Web in Romantic Travel.” A widely published travel journalist, Susan’s assignments have led her from Alaska to Zimbabwe. Her work has appeared in print in The New Yorker, Condé Nast Traveler, Modern Bride,and other mass-circulation magazines. She has also served as a consultant to Expedia and American Express Travel. Susan holds a master’s degree in journalism and a bachelor’s of arts degree in English. More recently, she studied Multimedia Technology at New York University, where she also taught writing classes. Susan and her husband, Vincent, live in New York
  • Currently 4.67/10
Loại sáchTiếng AnhNgười gửiduyluanpy89Kích thước2.88 Điểm4.67Hits1600Phiếu0Download0Ngày gửi05/09/2014

Cutting Edge PowerPoint 2007 for Dummies

About the Author Geetesh Bajajis based in Hyderabad, India, and he got started with his first PowerPoint presentation more than a decade ago. He has been working with PowerPoint ever since. Geetesh believes that any presentation is a sum of its elements. Everything in a presentation can be broken down to this element level, and PowerPoint’s real power lies in its ability to act as glue for all such elements. Geetesh contributes regularly to journals and Web sites, and has authored two other PowerPoint books. He’s also a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and a regular on Microsoft’s PowerPoint newsgroups. Geetesh’s own Web site at has thousands of pages on PowerPoint usage. It also has a blog, an e-zine, product reviews, free templates and interviews. Geetesh welcomes comments and suggestions about his books. He can be reached at
  • Currently 5.07/10
Loại sáchTiếng AnhNgười gửiduyluanpy89Kích thước9.62 Điểm5.07Hits1700Phiếu0Download0Ngày gửi05/09/2014

Creating Web Pages for Dummies

About the Authors Bud Smith is a computer book author with more than 12 years of publishing experience. Creating Web Pages For Dummies, 8th Edition, is one of over a dozen books Bud has written; his Wiley Publishing, Inc. titles include Internet Marketing For Dummies and Web Usability For Dummies.In addition to writing books, Bud has been a computer magazine editor and product marketing manager. Bud got his start with computers in 1983, when he left a promising career as a welder for a stint as a data-entry clerk. Bud then moved to the Silicon Valley to join a startup company, followed by work for Intel, IBM, Apple, and AOL. His work and interests led him to acquire a degree in Information Systems Management from the University of San Francisco. Arthur Bebakreceived a degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois, which he attended on a fencing scholarship. He has designed mainframes, managed large engineering projects, and studied business administration. Arthur is founder of Netsurfer Communications, Inc., a highly successful electronic publishing company, and is an accomplished author. At Netsurfer, Arthur oversees a large staff of people who create Web sites for numerous clients. They also write, edit, and publish several Web-based e-zines.
  • Currently 5.03/10
Loại sáchTiếng AnhNgười gửiduyluanpy89Kích thước7.57 Điểm5.03Hits1644Phiếu0Download0Ngày gửi05/09/2014

Creating Family Web Sites for Dummies

Dedication To all the families and friends who long to be closer, I offer this guide and encourage you to share your pictures, stories, and dreams. May you always be surrounded by those you love. Author’s Acknowledgments Let me start by thanking my own family for their love, support, and inspiration to create this book. My sister-in-law Stephanie’s optimism and regular cards and photos helped me develop the idea for this book, my brother Kevin has been a solid source of support and guidance over the years, and their three beautiful daughters are a regular source of joy in my life. Thanks to all four of my fabulous parents, Malinda, Janice, Helen, and Robin. Thanks to my brother Brian, my uncle tom and aunt mindy (whose preference not to use capital letters in their names is just one of their charming quirks), and all of my extended family. Thanks to David LaFontaine, the man of my dreams who I look forward to creating my own family with, and to his sisters, Linda, Beth, and Sarah, for helping break him in for me. Thanks to his wonderful parents for raising him to be such a caring and thoughtful man, and to his entire clan for making me feel like part of the family. David, your patience, support, and inspired sense of humor are such a gift, especially when I’m up against tough book deadlines. Special thanks to the wonderful team that made the production and creation of this book possible: my agent Margot Maley, Acquisitions Editor Bob Woerner, and especially Susan Pink, for her extraordinary effort and attention to detail in editing this book. Thanks to Susie Gardner ( for her contributions to the blogging chapter. I wish you all the best with your own book and highly recommend Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies
  • Currently 5.16/10
Loại sáchTiếng AnhNgười gửiduyluanpy89Kích thước9.09 Điểm5.16Hits1511Phiếu0Download0Ngày gửi04/09/2014
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